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The fight isn’t over yet

The fight is not over. Though David has reported to Atwater, his attorney is still fighting on his behalf in the courts. ATTORNEY FOR KORN FERRY EXEC SAYS FIGHT NOT OVER; APPEAL BEING FILED IN NOSAL...

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Wide and varied legal support for David Nosal

David and his legal team have received significant support from the business community, the legal community, journalists and academics who all see both the prosecutorial overreach as well as the need to update the woefully outdated CFAA.  Below are several AMICUS briefs supporting David Nosal that have been filed at various times over the last 10 years. Supreme Court BRIEF OF AMICI CURIAE SERGEY BRATUS, GABRIELLA COLEMAN, TOR EKELAND, MARK JAFFE, FREDERIC JENNINGS, MARINA MEDVIN, NATHAN REITINGER, AND YUAN STEVENS IN SUPPORT OF PETITIONER BRIEF OF AMICUS CURIAE ELECTRONIC FRONTIER FOUNDATION IN SUPPORT OF PETITIONER 9th Circuit Court BRIEF OF...

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