In thinking about this case and the way that KFI has worked in collusion with the US Justice system from the start, there are a series of questions that need to be asked of those involved.  These are questions that Jonathan Kuai, current General Counsel for KFI should be prepared to answer:

  • Are you familiar with the conspiracy/collusion between Paul Reilly, Gary Burnison, Peter Dunn, Joe Griesedieck and the U.S. government in their actions against David Nosal?
  • Are you familiar with the cover-up of unethical, immoral and illegal acts conducted by Reilly, Burnison, Dunn, Griesedieck and Bob Damon, by some current leaders?
  • Are you aware that Mr. Nosal brought numerous violations to the attention of Reilly, Burnison and Dunn prior to his resigning, which were ultimately covered up by those same individuals?
  • Did Reilly, Burnison, Dunn and the KFI Board share with you the reasons why Mr. Nosal resigned?
  • Can you tell us how many lawsuits have been settled behind the scenes by KFI for similar allegations and/or allegations of sexual harassment, inappropriate behavior and/or gender bias?
  • What role have you played in what appears to be the cover-up by KFI of the recent Spencer Stuart legal action involving Francois Truc and his associate.
  • What is KFI’s policy as it relates to allowing individuals, such as Francois Truc, to continue to join KFI when serious allegations of unethical behavior were made against him by his previous employer?
  • What has KFI done to really understand the behavior of Truc and his associate prior to extending him a final offer of employment?
  • How is what Francois Truc and his associate have done, not considered far more serious than what Mr. Nosal was accused of?
  • Have you made the Board and the SEC aware of the criminal complaint by Spencer Stuart to KFI?

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