In thinking about this case and the way that KFI has worked in collusion with the US Justice system from the start, there are a series of questions that need to be asked of those involved.  These are questions that Paul Reilly, the ex-CEO for KFI should be prepared to answer:

  • Why did Mr. Nosal fly to your home in Tampa in April 2004, and ultimately resign?
  • What were the topics that Mr. Nosal, again brought to your attention while at your home that you dismissed, that ultimately led to his resignation on the spot?
  • Can you share why you allowed Joe Griesedieck and Bob Damon the platform to share Spencer Stuart’s Board Bible document with a number of key KFI partners including Nosal?
  • Why did you not fire Bob Damon when Mr. Nosal brought to your attention the racial comments that Mr. Damon made about Asian-American KFI partner?
  • Can you please share with me how many sealed agreements KFI has made with people who have filed lawsuits regarding sexual orientation/gender related issues, including the specifics on Marty Smye’s litigation against KFI?
  • Can you please share with me why you allowed Bob Damon to stay employed at KFI once Mr. Nosal brought to your attention back in 2004, that his computer was filled with porn?
  • Can you please share with me how many lawsuits were settled behind the scenes that dealt with discrimination or ethical behavior issues?
  • Can you please share with me why Richard Spitz and his associate, as well as Caroline Nahas were not immediately suspended when Mr. Nosal brought to your attention the fact that they plagiarized references on a CEO search and that KFI was sued when the client realized that the people who served as references for the executive were Spitz’s friends and that the executive had never even worked for companies on his resume?
  • Can you please share with me why KFI knowingly allowed Mark Jacobson, Becky Christian, Jacqueline Froehlich-L’Heareaux and Michael Louie to download over 30,000 records without stopping them prior to Mr. Nosal’s severance agreement expiring.  What was your motivation?
  • Can you please share with me whether or not you informed the Board of the ethical issues Mr. Nosal was concerned about in regards to numerous individuals that remained with KFI up until recently and/or are still there?
  • Can you please share with me why you felt the need to have a vendetta against your top performer, Mr. Nosal, when what he was trying to do was protect the KFI brand by coming to you, your COO and General Counsel with these issues?
  • Once you knew Mr. Nosal had nothing to do with the 32,000 downloaded records by Christian, Jacobson, Froehlich-L’Heareaux and Louie, why did you not make a public statement apologizing to Mr. Nosal for your belief that he had anything to do with those specific downloads?

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