In thinking about this case and the way that KFI has worked in collusion with the US Justice system from the start, there are a series of questions that need to be asked of those involved.  These are questions that Peter Dunn, previous General Counsel for KFI should be prepared to answer:

  • Isn’t it true that you had a personal vendetta against Mr. Nosal for suggesting that you be terminated for your fiscal irresponsibility regarding the investment in FutureStep?
  • Isn’t it true that Mr. Nosal had a call with you every two weeks after he resigned, and asked one question of you, which was “to the best of your knowledge Peter, am I in compliance with my severance agreement”?
  • Can you tell me why you, Paul Reilly, and Gary Burnison covered up multiple instances of inappropriate behavior by Bob Damon and others when Mr. Nosal brought them to your attention on numerous occasions?
  • Can you please share with me why you allowed Joe Griesedieck and Bob Damon the platform to share Spencer Stuart’s Board Bible document with KFI’s Operating Committee, and why you as General Counsel did not immediately suggest the termination of Griesedieck and Damon the Board and the CEO?
  • When Mr. Nosal called you, Reilly and Burnison regarding porn on Bob Damon’s computer, as well as his comments regarding an Asian-American KFI partner, why was he not terminated immediately?
  • Did you inform the Board of Mr. Nosal’s concerns regarding these activities?
  • Why did it take Nosal’s trial in 2013 for KFI to finally act on Bob Damon?
  • Why did you feel the need to orchestrate a vendetta against Mr. Nosal after he left KFI – after he served for nine years as your top biller and one of the most prolific billers and P&L managers at the company?
  • At what point did you decide with Reilly and Burnison to collude with the government to try and entrap a number of individuals who were going to go with Nosal, versus just telling those individuals that what they were doing was inappropriate?

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