In thinking about this case and the way that KFI has worked in collusion with the US Justice system from the start, there are a series of questions that need to be asked of those involved.  These are questions that the current and previous Board Members for KFI should be prepared to answer:

  • Were you made aware of the reasons why Mr. Nosal, KFI’s biggest biller and one of the leading P&L leaders at KFI resigned?
  • Were you made aware of the numerous ethical/immoral, and perhaps even illegal actions that KFI leaders Reilly, Burnison, Dunn, Griesedieck and Damon committed that Mr. Nosal brought to Reilly, Burnison and Dunn’s attention?  Were these swept under the rug completely or shared with the Board directly?
  • Were you made aware that Mr. Nosal called upon Paul Reilly, Gary Burnison and Peter Dunn to discipline and/or fire Joe Griesedieck and  Bob Damon because they stole what’s called “the Spencer Stuart Board Bible”, and distributed it to a handful of people at a meeting Mr. Nosal was leading for the company CEO practice?
  • Were you aware that Mr. Nosal brought to Reilly, Burnison and Dunn the fact that he had first-hand knowledge that Bob Damon was using his KFI computer to surf porn sites in 2004?  Why did they only fire Damon after Nosal’s trial, when this came out?  Do you know there are multiple witnesses to this event?
  • Do you know that the biggest obstacle to Mr. Nosal disengaging from KFI after he resigned was Paul Reilly, Gary Burnison and Peter Dunn’s insistence that Mr. Nosal’s severance letter contain language specifying that he not share publicly the reasons for him resigning?
  • Why did the Board felt obligated to look into Mr. Nosal’s personal out of the office relationships, while ignoring the well-documented behavior of Dennis Carey that led to him leaving Spencer Stuart?
  • Do you have any idea how many lawsuits have been settled behind the scene that you, as a Board member, had no knowledge of at the time?  Mr. Nosal is aware of many.
  • If concerns about David Nosal’s conduct were brought to the Board, why did the Board not approach Mr. Nosal directly for his side of the story?
  • Do you know about Nosal’s repeated attempts to bring the unethical, immoral, and even illegal actions of others to the attention of the Board and if so, why did you not act quickly on them?
  • Are you aware of the recent, significant allegations by Spencer Stuart  that Francois Truc and one associate left Spencer Stuart, and not only stole proprietary information, but then cleaned the Spencer Stuart database of the same information and brought it to KFI?
  • Do you know that the same lawsuit by Spencer Stuart was quickly squashed and sealed, and to a certain degree hidden in Cook County records before it hit the public market?
  • How do you condone KFI hiring Francois Truc, as well as his associate in light of Spencer Stuart’s significant allegation?
  • Does KFI condone unethical, immoral and illegal behavior?
  • Do you realize that this suit along with any number of others that we are aware of, were settled behind the scenes and needed to be disclosed to the SEC?

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